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Our Leaders

Zarell Patton

Zarell Patton is the CEO of Freedom Youth Program that was established in 2016. Zarell received a Bachelors Degree in Health Science Education from Kent State University. As a native of Euclid, Ohio, Zarell finds his purpose as being a leader in various community groups in the Greater Cleveland area. He values diligence, commitment, and most of all, his family. When Zarell is not with the young men or family, you can find him golfing, reading or checking out some of the best restaurants in the surrounding area. 

Anthony Otey

Anthony Otey is the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom Youth Program. He is responsible for working with other leaders to help direct, coordinate and evaluate Freedom Youth Program operations to ensure quality care for all residents, operational efficiency and integrity. Anthony received his high school diploma from Whitney M. Young Gifted & Talented Leadership Academy. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Anthony is passionate about the personal development of youth in the Greater Cleveland area. His favorite quote comes from the author/leadership consultant John C. Maxwell “Leadership is a visual sport. People are watching you and they will follow you”

In his spare time, Anthony enjoys reading, golfing and traveling.

Board Members

  • Zarell Patton
  • Ruth Ray
  • Charles Domingue
  • Richard Farmer
  • Morris Irvin

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