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Freedom Youth Program is a group home that was established in 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. We provide resources for at-risk young men to live up to their full potential and live in their purpose. The resources we use are other local and surrounding programs that may provide services that we don’t necessarily have on site. Services such as counseling, athletic training, personal growth, meditation, and so much more.

Freedom Youth Program provides services for young men 12-17 years of age that are considered at-risk . The term at-risk is often used to describe individuals who face circumstances that could jeopardize their potential, such as homelessness, incarceration, serious health issues, domestic violence, transiency (as in the case of migrant-worker families), or other conditions, or it may refer to learning disabilities, low test scores, disciplinary problems, grade retention, or other learning-related factors.


T.RG. Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting. Strength in body, Strength in mind

  • Licensed Independent Social Workers Laurel Kaiser and Tana Gadelsayad will provide therapeutic services to youth participating in the Freedom Youth Program which promote mental wellness and address social, emotional and behavioral concerns.
    Therapeutic services will enhance psychosocial skills development, reduce or stabilize mental health symptoms, and build resiliency in the youth served. A comprehensive assessment will be provided as a part of the therapeutic process to identify functioning, strengths, needs and recommended services. Therapeutic strategies are evidenced-based, culturally sensitive and age appropriate for youth ages 12-17.

Mansa Program

  • The Mansa program is a nine -week mentoring program strictly for young men. This program integrates literacy, social emotional competencies and initiation rites principles to strengthen the character and coping mechanisms of our young men. This fun, interactive and engaging curriculum is designed to develop the social-emotional competencies of young adolescent males through musical rhythmic activities, group challenging games that build character and interpersonal communication skills, and self-awareness training through council discussion practices and mindful breathing exercises

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